Hard 15

After a great week came into the last seven days well motivated and although the runs were a little shorter than the schedule and I skipped the out and out interval session, did manage to run five days, and feeling pretty good up to the 15 planned for today Sunday. 

Its got to be said the weather forecast was not good and I did think about trying to organise leaving earlier, but in the end it seemed too much hassle, so just met the group as usual at the Pheasantry in Bushy Park at 9am. It was quite chilly but not actually raining and 25 of us turned up which was really great. This is becoming quite a buzzy group with a mix of levels, although we are all really mid pack – the faster Stragglers meet in Richmond Park at 08.30.

We ran as a group for the first couple of miles and then started to spliner according to different plans. Jackie and I ran with a group up to Richmond Park. We were planning 15 and the rest had different plans so we set off for a lap running anti clockwise. This takes you up a fairly steep climb for the first half mile, then flattens out and passes ladderstyle gate before dropping down towards Roehamption. The first five miles were easy, but the rain started to come in and by the time we were on the hill running up towards Richmond it was getting quite wet and the wind was coming up pretty much into our faces.By the time we had got back to Kingston gate with around 11 miles on the Garmin we were both feeling tires, but fortunately after that the last four miles were either down hill or flat. Despite this neither wind nor rain relented and we were tired and cold by the time 15 miles came up back at the car park in Bushy.

I drove home and had a coffee, bath food and went to bed for an hour or so to recover. Hard. Still good to get these longer runs done and ended up doing just under 35 miles over the week which was decent. In the meantime have been working hard on the Hampton Court Half Marathon. We are closing entries early at the end of next week as we are approaching full capacity, and we are anticipating over 2000 runners on race day (February 23). Now busy organising the marshals, and on Tuesday will get the final route officially measured by Hugh Jones. If you are interested in running, watching or marshaling have a look at the website http://www.hamptoncourthalf.com


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